Ironwood Farm is the largest Fjord breeder in Virginia, but all our sales horses are youngsters.  It will be a number of years before we have an Ironwood horse trained in performance for sale.  We have been active in consignment sales for over a decade.  We know the breed, we know the buyers market and we are selective on what horses we will sell.

If you are a buyer, you can be assured that Ironwood Farm will:

We have bought and sold nearly 100 horses in the last two decades.  We look for a suitable match for the buyer and the horse,  It is our hope that the horse and buyer will remain together for many years.  We only sell consignment horses that are present on our farm.


If you are a seller, you can be assured that Ironwood Farm will:

Again, we are looking for good homes for all horses.  We are seeking good matches between the buyer and a horse. 


As horse people, we feel that the horse must “win” in any sale.  The horse needs to go to a situation where it is likely to be successful.


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Lutamor 8-17-14
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