We offer English riding lessons to adults and children at the beginner to low intermediate level. Beginner classes are taught in the basic centered riding style.  Riding outside the ring is offered as part of our lesson package after riding skills have been evaluated.

We use our Norwegian Fjord horses for lessons. Although technically large ponies, they are substantial enough to carry almost any adult without difficulty. Fjords are a gentle and quiet breed of horse. They are well suited for lessons as they can carry a beginner child for a leadline lesson or jump a 2 1/2 foot course for an adult at the intermediate level.  Currently we only teach leadline and basic beginner lessons on our horses given our own time constraints.

Lessons are taught in small groups up to a maximum of 4 riders.  Our lessons are offered exclusively through Culpeper County Parks and Recreation.  Please contact them for schedules and pricesLaila and Sebastian Trot2VS.